Proper planning is essential when you are considering remodeling your bathroom. All remodels are expensive and can cost anywhere from $6,500 to over $30,000. With the right strategy and shower base from Casterra, you can reduce the amount of money spent on fixing mistakes.

How To Plan A Bathroom Renovation

Before you go in and start demolishing walls and pulling up floor tiles, you need to consider what level of renovating you are doing and if you can DIY it. A contractor is often more cost-effective and sensible for the more complex and involved remodels

  1. Surface-Level Renovation – this level is for the bathroom renovation that doesn’t need to replace most things. The focus is on repair and providing a facelift to the bathroom, but the structure is sound enough to stay the same. Maybe you are replacing cabinet handles, changing the paint, or updating faucet heads. This type is relatively easy to do yourself if you have the skillset or can read an instruction manual.
  2. Gut and Replace-Level Renovation – this level is for when you want to replace the flooring, lighting, toilet, shower/tub, and other fixtures. The layout and structure of the bathroom are essentially the same, but almost everything gets replaced or refurbished. This is an excellent time to pre-order your Casterra shower base.
  3. Change the Layout-Level Renovation – this level is for when you want to leave the walls and perimeter the same but move all the items in the room around. This would include wiring alterations, plumbing changes, and total fixture replacement. This level typically requires professionally licensed help, especially regarding rewiring and plumbing that requires permits. With this remodel, you can plan your Casterra shower base into the layout.
  4. Change the Bathroom Entirely-Level Renovation – this level is great if you want to make the bathroom bigger or turn a tub/shower combo into a stand-alone walk-in shower. This is when the structure and perimeter of the room need to be changed. A general contractor and architect are often needed with this level of renovating. Be sure to speak with your general contractor about installing a Casterra walk-in shower base. This will also be the most expensive and could cost over $30,000, depending on the contractor and materials used.

Make A Bathroom Renovation Layout

Once you decide which level of renovating you want and what is in your budget, it is time to move forward. You can make a layout of where everything currently is and where you want it to end up. This is especially helpful if you are doing a renovation that would require changing electrical socket locations and pipes. Planning where you want everything to be will help you know if you can feasibly renovate how you want to or if adjustments need to be made.

Check The Plumbing, Electrical, and More

  1. After stripping the bathroom down to the bones, it’s time to build it back up.
  2. Check/update plumbing and electrical systems.
  3. Install a Casterra shower base – our single-piece shower base is poured concrete. They are pitched and less likely to crack or mold.
  4. Paint the bathroom with moisture-resistant paint.
  5. Install moisture-resistant bathroom flooring – try ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, or vinyl.
  6. Install the toilet, fan, counters, cabinets, and sink.

Upgrade Your Bathroom With Casterra

You don’t have to pick the most expensive materials to have a great bathroom. As long as you choose durable items that appeal to your sense of style and plan properly, you will have a finished project that you can be proud of for years to come. If you keep these planning tips in mind, you can have a bathroom renovation experience that doesn’t induce financial anxiety.

Contact Casterra to design your custom shower base today! 

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