Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tile?

No, this is poured cementitious concrete. No tile is needed with this product.

Is this stamped concrete?

No, these are casted from rubber molds made specifically for Casterra.

How is it installed?
Casterra products are installed over a waterproof membrane adhered to a standard plywood subfloor. Once a water leak test has been completed, thinset mortar is used to secure the shower basin to the floor. The drain can be installed after 24hrs of curing time.
Will you work with my plumber or contractor?

Yes! While this product can be installed by DIY’ers we typically work with plumbers and contractors.

Is it likely to crack or break?

Our products are reinforced with fiber mesh and casted with the highest quality ingredients to help ensure these products will not crack under standard use.

What sizes are available?

Please refer to our sizing guide  CLICK HERE.

What colors are available?

Please refer to our color chart CLICK HERE.

Can you put this over the tile?

No. Our product is a direct replacement for a tiled shower.

How much does this weigh?

 Depending on the size, it can weigh anywhere from 90lbs – 300lbs.

Does it have to be resealed over time?

Once every 4-5 years is recommended.

What can I clean this with?

It is recommended to clean with mild soap and water, dish detergent, non-bleach products or standard countertop cleaners. Do not use any abrasive agents, scouring sponges, acids or solvents.

What kind of drain is recommended?
Depending on the drain style you choose we use Schluter drain products and similar brands. We offer Round, Square and Trench Drain versions.
Is the drain kit included?

No it is not included, but can be purchased with the shower products. You may also purchase your drain kits at your local hardware or plumbing supply stores. Please ensure you purchase the correct drain kit for your particular shower. The recommended drain kit is listed for each product.

How long does it take to manufacture?
Standard products are typically shipped in 4-6 weeks depending on sizes and colors. Custom sizes and colors will vary.
Why does the price vary per style option?

Each design is unique, so pricing can vary depending on the design option you choose. Some textures and colors are more labor intensive than others.

Do you offer contractor discounts or wholesale options?
We do offer contractor discounts. Discounts will vary depending on order quantity and delivery schedules.
Can this product be used in Multi-unit Developments?

This is the perfect product for multi-unit houses, condos, apartments and hotel developments.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, typically we require a 10% deposit at the signing of the contract.

Are the colors exactly as shown on the website?
Colors can vary slightly from piece to piece. The colors shown on our website are taken from our products directly but may vary slightly per piece.
Do you offer textures on other products too?

Not at the moment but stay tuned. Be sure to follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter below. That is where you will be the first to learn of new product offerings, colors and sizes available.

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